University students who were practicing the Transcendental Meditation and TM-Sidhi programs increased significantly on intelligence in contrast to control students. Reference: Personality and Individual Differences 12: 1105–1116, 1991.

“Consciousness-Based education is unique in the world today because, as scientific research shows, it develops more of the brain’s total potential, thereby allowing the student to be more alert and receptive to knowledge. Any educator who wants to see the fruits of Consciousness-Based education should come and visit our school. Not only are our students achieving unprecedented success in academics, the arts, sports, and creative problem-solving; they are also wholesome, caring, responsible individuals, destined for leadership in any profession they enter.”
Ashley Deans, Ph.D.Director of Maharishi School of the Age of Enlightenment (500 pupils) Fairfield, Iowa, USA
“Our staff was taught the TM technique for the mental and physical health benefits that result in the work environment with the release of stress. In students, we have seen the TM program enhance study skills, academic performance, critical thinking skills, interpersonal and social skills—all because of the deep rest that the body is receiving. We are looking forward to the years to come when more and more schools and work environments will realize that not much gets done until the stress is out of the way.”
Carmen N’Namdi Principal Detroit, Michigan, USA
“The way public and private schools are set up today, everything is stressful, and stress leads to violence. My experience using TM with teachers and students is that it relieves the stress and makes teaching and learning a lot easier. If students are required to take social studies, art, or physical education, why aren’t students—and teachers—required to take the TM and Consciousness-Based program? It will make our schools much better, and it will reduce the deep stress that led to school violence and all the other violence and terrorism in the world.”
Dr. George Rutherford Public school Principal for over 25 years Washington, D.C., and Maryland, USA


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